In order to continue the commitment conversation on social after the launch of the Steven Klein OOH Commit To Something campaign portraits, we created a showcase of real individuals who had made great commitments. Beautifully shot and with a short bio, these portraits rallied our audience with the knowledge that no matter what the commitment, they had Equinox's support.

Art Direction: Alison Joseph
Photography: Kristin Gladney
Hair + Makeup: Ashley Rubell + Dana Rae

LAOLU SENBANJO: Commit to Transform
@LaoluNYC quit his job as a lawyer to become the artist he always wanted to be. Now, with the world as his canvas, he takes every opportunity to show his roots. #CommitToSomething


SAORI GODA: Commit To Master
In Japan it’s not traditional for women to be samurai warriors. After 7 years of training, Saori Goda continues to slice through the stereotypes.#CommitToSomething


IAN PURKAYASTHA: Commit To Pioneer
Ian Purkayastha foraged his first mushroom at 14. At 18, he forewent college to focus on fungus. At 23, he runs the NYC truffle game.#CommitToSomething


ALYSSA PORTARO: Commit To Overcome
Your fear is Alyssa Portaro’s passion. While others prefer puppies, she is committed to the cold-blooded. When Alyssa isn’t rescuing reptiles, she tends to her own 10 snakes. #CommitToSomething


Commit To Resurrect. Every day Joanna Ebenstein’s passion is on display. Joanna is so dedicated to the dead, she sacrificed everything to open her own museum. #CommitToSomething


Shawn Patrick Anderson's prop hoarding is an art form. Whether it's the auction house or the trash pile, his desire to uncover the unique & the bizarre knows no limits. #CommitToSomething